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Beijing Service Support Center:
      Address: Building 1, No.88 Jindai Road, Haidian   

      District, Beijing
      Tel: +86 10 62460088
      Name: Wang Bing
      Mobile: +86 13811280859 (Beijing)

Shanghai Service Support Center:
      Address: 1038 Datong Road, Boyuan Apartment 509,
      Zhabei District, Shanghai
      Name: Wang Qiang
      Mobile: +86 18911381816 (Shanghai)

Taiyuan Service Support Center:
      Address: 40 Jiaogangxiang Road, the Garage Dormitory
      Building 12 Gate 5, 3rd floor, Room 8,
      Xinghualing District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province
      Name: Wang Donghua
      Mobile: +86 13311266626 (Beijing)

Wuhan Service Support Center:
      Address: 17-7-502, East 1 Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
      Name: Wang Zhiwei
      Mobile: +86 18910333345 (Beijing)

Xi’an Service Support Center:
      Address: 79 Nanerhuan Road, Guang Feng International
      Building, Room 1001, Xi’an
      Name: Yang Yaolong
      Mobile: +86 13519166233

Hohhot Service Support Center:
      Address: Building 28, Gate 2, Room 7, Xinhua Street
      Government Estate, Hohhot
      Name: Li Jiangchao
      Mobile: +86 18600040577

Shenyang Service Support Center:
      Address: Building 29, 21st floor Room 2, Police Home,
      Shengli North Street, Heping District, Shenyang
      Tel: +86 24 23413973
      Name: Shao Bin
      Mobile: +86 13381226290


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