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Mongolia Ministry of Railways Officials Visited Jiaxun Feihong
Recently, a group official of Mongolia Ministry of Railways visited Jiaxun Feihong. In 2009, Jiaxun participated in Yeluohe iron mine dispatching communication system of Mongolia. Jiaxun provided MDS3400 for the iron mine and built up a private communication system. MDS3400 is a new generation multimedia dispatching communication system, it provides not only the voice but also data dispatching service.

Vice president Mr. Han Jiangchun and general manager of international department Mr. Sun Huimin entertained the study group on behalf of Jiaxun Feihong. During the meeting, the study group praised the MDS3400 system which Jiaxun provided for the Yeluohe iron mine. Both sides discussed the possibility for further cooperation and vice general manager of international department Mr. Li Zongbo gave them a brief of introduction of the company and products. The study group had a really good impression on Jiaxun Feihong after the business tour.
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