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The Former Sudan Ambassador Visited Jiaxun Feihong
In Jan. 2013, the former Sudan ambassador Mirghani Mohamed Salih visited Jiaxun Feihong. Sudan has always been friendly with China. Both countries has cooperation with each other for many years. The ambassador wanted to import some advanced techniques from China, as a manufacturer of communication system, Jiaxun has been chosen.

The president Mr. Lin Jing, CEO Mr. Zheng Guixiang and assistant president Mr. Zhao Yinheng welcomed the ambassador. After a brief introduction of the company and products, Mr. Zheng discussed the possibility of cooperation with the ambassador happily. He said that Jiaxun has the most advanced dispatching communication techniques in China and we would like to march to the African market, we are ready for the challenge. The ambassador also visited the exhibition hall and had a very good impression on Jiaxun Company.
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