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                                                                         WHO ARE WE

Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd, founded in early 1995, is a leading provider of dispatching and control system in China. The company register capital is 126 million RMB and the total assets are up to 900 million RMB. In May 2011, Jiaxun was successfully listed in China stock markets with the stock code 300213. 

Jiaxun Feihong always concentrates on the innovation in the dispatch & control communication field and sticks to create value for customers by advanced science & technology. After 17 years’ endeavors, Jiaxun Feihong has developed over ten product lines and solutions, which falls into 4 big categories: dispatching communication & attendant system, emergency communication, video surveillance, disaster prevention and safety monitoring based on the internet of things. The products are widely deployed domestically and internationally in series of industries such as railway, national defense, urban rail transit, petroleum, petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, electric power, finance, and so on. Among such fields as railway, national defense, and urban rail transit, Jiaxun Feihong has taken a predominant leading market share for many years in succession.

The products perform excellently in many key national events such as the national day parade of 60th anniversary, Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo security guarantee, the launch of ‘Shenzhou-6’ & ‘Shenzhou-7’ spacecraft and ‘Chang’e-1’ lunar orbiter, ‘Tiangong-1’ and ‘Shenzhou-8’ rendezvous docking communication guarantee, ‘Shenzhou-9’ manned space docking communication guarantee,"Shenzhou-10" manned space flight. Additionally, Jiaxun Feihong provides important communication guarantee for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Railway and so on.

After years of hard efforts, Jiaxun Feihong becomes more and more internationalized. Our products and solutions are successfully deployed in Africa, Middle and Southeast Asia etc., and has got the approval by EU of CE & ROHS mandatory products and green certification. In addition, Jiaxun Feihong established excellent cooperation relationship with overseas clients in Russia, Uzbekistan, Angola, Vietnam, Egypt, and so on.

By virtue of solid technical strength and excellent innovation, Jiaxun Feihong is regarded as a reliable partner by clients. Moreover, Jiaxun Feihong has undertaken dozens of national and Beijing municipal scientific research key projects supported by National Torch Program, key special program of Nation Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Innovation fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Electronics information development fund of the Ministry of Industry and information Technology (MIIT), Beijing industry development fund, Zhongguancun key special fund and so on.


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