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         1.Qinghai – Tibet railway dispatching system project and emergency system project

         2.The first electrified railway in northeast China: Harbin-Dalian railway project

         3.The first passenger dedicated line in China: Qinhuangdao-Shenyang high speed passenger

            dedicated railway

         4.The world's first heavy-load railway based on 4G: Shuohuang Railway LTE-R trunking dispatching

             system project

         5.The world's largest coal railway line: Datong-Qinhuangdao railway integrated surveillance project

         6.The most beautiful high-speed railway in China: Hefei-Fuzhou disaster prevention and monitoring

             system project

         7.Emergency communication system project for China petroleum pipeline engineering company

         8.Nanjing metro line S8

         9.Changsha maglev express



         1.Nigeria Abuja to Kaduna railway project

         2.Nigeria Abuja mass transit communication system integration project

         3.Uzbekistan railway project

         4.Turkmenistan east-west line, south-north line railway project

         5.Vietnam unified railway and northern railway project

         6.Cuba railway project

         7.Angola Benguela railway project, Luanda railway project, and training center project

         8.Ethiopia Addis Ababa to Djibouti railway project

         9.Djibouti Railway Project

       10.Kenya Mombasa to Nairobi railway project

       11.Egypt BPS railway project

       12.Kenya Nairobi to Malaba railway project

       13.Nigeria Lagos to Ibadan railway project

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