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• Voice dispatching

• Digital dispatching

• Multimedia dispatching

• Converged communication

• Intelligent command and dispatching

• Intelligent operation and management


Digital dispatching

At the beginning of establishment, Jiaxun Feihong focused on intelligent dispatching system. We launched the railway artificial attendant communication product, and obtained a development opportunity for the private network market.

Converged communication

With the increasingly mature of products and solutions, Jiaxun Feihong's services extend from domestic market to international market, and undertake many national technical projects.

Intelligent command and dispatching

In 2011, Jiaxun Feihong was listed in China stock market (stock code: 300213). With our management of capital, Jiaxun Feihong launches both strategies of external and internal development, builds an intelligent command and dispatching industry chain, helps customers to achieve intelligent operation and management.





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