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Emergency dispatch & command communication solution

The modern productions rely on the technology and equipment. Some high risk technology and equipment such as drilling craft, big scale pipeline, refining facilities should be carried out carefully. Little problem could lead to unexpected disaster.

For the petroleum and chemical industry, the technical procedure must be strictly be executed. Any discrepancy also could cause serious accident. What’s more the ecological is very complicated and vulnerable, the natural disaster caused by the petroleum facility is fatal to the environment , which is also difficult to control.

From the perspective of the control, the incident is an unexpected input, which break the former balance, the handle of the emergency is a minus feedback to the system, thus, the response speed for the emergency is very important, whereas the speed is decided mostly by the accurate and immediate information.

A. Network Topology

The uniformed dispatch platform, based on the MDS6800, integrates the current communication, CCTV, video conference. The customer could build the emergency dispatch & command system to realize the corresponding application and management, which make the service more effective and efficient.

FH-V088 includes wireless mobile video, wireless mobile audio, fixed audio/data, broadband mobile satellite, wireless data access. The channel could utilize the satellite to transcend the geological limits.

The MDS6800 visual dispatch & command system could provide all necessary information. By remote expert conference, resource management, data communication, the decision could be made directly and could be executed quickly. The system could help the site rescue team quickly and timely handle the emergency issue.

C. Dispatch Service
    ♦Mobile communication telephone dedicated for the leader
    ♦Mobile communication telephone dedicated for the commander
    ♦The telephone communication between the site and the center
    ♦The video conference between the site and the center
    ♦Site picture and video collection/upload
    ♦The dispatch order distribution from the center to the site
    ♦The data channel between the site and the center

Industry applicable: Petroleum & Chemical, Power

Product applicable:
MDS6800 visual dispatch & command system, FH-V088 Emergency communication system

Refining Factory
Currently, Refining factory dispatch system only provides the traditional audio communication. The single system could not support the connection and network between the headquarters and branch. With the dispatch information expansion, the application of the video becomes a must. By forming the multi-grade dispatch network, the whole company produce coordination could be attained. From the perspective of the service merge, the visual dispatch system integrate the video surveillance and fire alarm system, which making the overall factory service could be built on the uniform dispatch platform.

To build the visual dispatch & command system for the refining factory, the following object could be reached: visualized produce process, concentrated display of produce data, remote monitoring for the key location, interlock for the video surveillance and fire alarm. All the information could be sent to the center for the decision making.

Oil/Gas field
Oil/Gas field enterprise is vital for the national living and economics. The accidents have different type and the occurrence is unpredictable. Timely control and handle of the emergency is the key action for the resource enterprise. The emergency & command center is necessary for the handle of the incident to protect public security and environment, decrease the loss of the property.

The emergency & command center is the location for monitoring the produce process and handling of the incident. The center have the ability to integrate the various information,: dispatch, information display, emergency communication access, remote video conference, danger location video access and so on.

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