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Intelligent Operation and Maintenance for Railway Communication and Signal


Comprehensive monitoring for linkage application of turnout and inspection of railway communication and signal

Turnout comprehensive monitoring system collects various information of gap, operation route, vibration displacement, force feedback, temperature and humidity statistics, localization and anti-localization, energy consumption monitoring etc. These information can be delivered to intelligent maintenance and operation system(FH-iOMS)which is based on private cloud and big data platform.

FH-iOMS integrates equipment status information, personal localization, equipment records, tools information, spare parts information, dynamic environment information, etc.Based on production and operation scenario of railway communication and signal, it automatically assigns the inspection and operation work and executes supervision and command with the records of inspections and construction.

The operation records are returned timely to FH-iOMS system through working-control system, intelligent handset or UAV. Therefore, it completes the closed-loop management of railway communication and signal. FH-iOMS which is based on private cloud and big data platforms, will bring the railway communication and signal with comprehensive mechanism of visualization, mobility,repairing on condition and ADM(Aid in Decision Making) .

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