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Railway Security Monitoring Solution Based on IoT and Big Data

The natural disasters which are dangerous to the safety of railway operation include: trains are overturned by strong wind, OCS is cut-off; water accumulation or debris flow caused by heavy rain; the turn-out machines unable to turn and devices damaged because of heavy snow; External intrusions caused by pedestrians and animals; the train derailment caused by earthquake; the tunnels are blocked by landslides.
In view of the above natural and human-made disasters, in order to ensure the safety of railway operation, it is necessary to achieve pre-incident intelligent precaution and monitoring warning. During the incident, multiple systems are the linkage control and emergency command. After incident, the reasons of disasters will be analyzed to achieve more accurate warning and more efficient decision-making.
Solution Overview:
According to the railway disaster analysis, and the security thinking of pre-incident, during incident and post-incident+ operation and maintenance, Jiaxun based on abundant experience of integration and development in rail transit industry, as well as professional understanding of railway security, operation and maintenance, developed Railway Security Monitoring and Solution based on big data, cloud computing, AI, IoT and mobile communication.
Based on the converged communication and security monitoring platform, the solution is delegated for the railway disaster monitoring, perimeter alarm, security control and intelligent maintenance which guarantees the safe operation of the railway.
The solution supports massive terminals, various networks and railway applications. It integrates and interconnects with external systems.
Through this integrated platform, the problems of repeated construction of multi-system and chimney type construction in railway are solved.


According to the railway security services which is based on its whole architecture, it mainly includes: wind/rain/snow monitoring, seismic monitoring, external intrusion monitoring, landslides and subsidence monitoring, optical fiber perimeter intrusion monitoring, video monitoring and sound-light alarm linkage, tunnel electromechanical lighting equipment monitoring, tunnel emergency telephone, on-site operation and personnel location etc. And we detailed security platform functions and architecture.

▶ Cloud computing platform, including cloud host + cloud storage + container services.

▶ Other basic services include: basic communication services, video analysis, IoT platform, big data platform.

▶ Core capabilities of security platform: video analysis, image annotation, intelligent algorithm, data visualization, positioning timing, status presentation, equipment management, etc.

▶ Core applications: dispatching communication, multidimensional sensing, on-site video, closed-loop process management and communication environment, etc.

▶ Intelligent security applications include risk monitoring, treatment command, disaster warning, on-site communication, program management, process control, etc.


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