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MDS6800 Intelligent Dispatching and Command System



•  Railway communication solution based on converged communication platform

Based on the converged communication solution, we can realize integration of wired dispatching and GSM - R/ LTE-R dispatching, official telephone, surveillance, convergence of surveillance and dispatching communication. Staff in dispatching office and station can command and dispatch train operation, display station video, command emergency rescue, and also do video intercom with the locomotive driver and operation staff. The whole dispatching process is visualized.

•  LTE dispatching communication solution for railway

LTE Railway broadband mobile communication system consists of 4 parts:

wireless data network, application system, operation and supporting system and terminals. Dispatching system mainly includes dispatch server, dispatch console, dispatching locomotive console of train, handhold terminals, etc.

•  Multi-media trunked dispatching system

•  TD-LTE base station subsystem

•  TD-LTE switching subsystem

•  Wired dispatching and command system

•  Visual dispatching console

•  Station duty terminal

•  Handhold terminal, locomotive terminal


•  On-site construction video command solution

Considering of the onsite operation’s  features, such as high mobility, unfixed location, long distance and multi-points, so it is difficult to set up a fixed camera. This system consists of infrared or laser control equipment, handhold terminal, vehicle-mounted PAD, vehicle- mounted camera and integrated 4G and WIFI gateways etc. In the course of construction, it can realize functions like Video collecting, real-time monitoring, video intercom, video conference. The system realizes visual monitoring of whole construction process according to the plan, key area and key points. It also gives forecasts to non-standard operation, guarantees the remote dispatching and unobstructed communication. The system has face recognition algorithm, borderline invasion detection, helmet   detection and other intelligent technologies to realize entrance and exit ports management, violation warning, etc. When finding out problems, staff can make video call with dispatching console immediately to efficiently promote the standardization and security of railway construction.

Railway public network emergency suolution based on GIS




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