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IMS6000 Railway Disaster Prevention & Safety Monitoring Solution

1  Overall Technical solution for Railway Disaster Prevention 1.1 Brief Outline for the Disaster Prevention System 
In terms of <Overall technical solution of disaster prevention and safety monitoring for the     dedicated passenger transportation line> , the system includes:
1)Wind Monitoring sub-system
2)Amount of Rain monitoring sub-system
3)Snow depth monitoring sub-system
4)Obstacle intrusion monitoring sub-system

5)Earthquake monitoring sub-system

1.2 The Goal for the disaster prevention construction
1)Platform establishment for disaster monitoring
2)Disaster information providing for the dispatching and maintenance user
3)Fundamental data accumulation for the disaster analysis

1.3 Brief Outline for the Disaster Prevention System
1)On-site detection locations install wind/rain/object intrusion monitoring sensors
2)The on-site monitoring units including the wind, rain, snow, earthquake and objects intrusion are put in the nearby GSM-R base station.
3)Monitoring data process equipments are put in the integrated maintenance center and engineer terminals are put in the each engineer section center.
4)Dispatch terminals are put in the dispatch center and disaster monitoring terminals are put in the train dispatch center.
5)Each monitoring unit connects integrated engineer sections and dispatch center with the transmission network
6)On-site monitoring unit directly connects with train control system with the relay interface
7)System adopts IMS6000 Railway disaster prevention and safety monitoring software platform


2 object intrusion sub-system

Double layer electric net sensor comprise of horizontal support mechanism and sense cable. Horizontal support mechanism size: horizontal: 1m, vertical:1.5m+0.5m, net grid:30mm*40mm.

In terms of the range of 5m for the double railway line with the protection range of another 5m on each sides. The protection distance is totally around 18m, the two sides of the bridge need horizontal support net 36P.

3 seism monitoring sub-system

1)As 0.04g≤a<0.08g, trigger train control/interlock system for the emergency brake, stop operation
2)As a≥0.08g, not only to trigger train control/interlock system for the emergency brake/ stop operation but also to trigger the traction supply control in order for the power off of the contact line

4 Monitoring Unit

4.1 Condition of the monitoring unit
1)Nobody on duty, location remote and not easy to access.
2)Over or under work temperature upon air conditioner failure in the base station.

4.2  In order to increase the reliability and usability, Below is a must
1)Complete self-inspection of the monitoring unit especially for the power and transmission equipment.
2)Stable operation under the high and low temperature.
3)Good EMC performance.
4)Support remote maintenance and upgrade( Need to restrict authority).

5 Monitoring Unit Component

IMS6000 railway disaster prevention monitoring unit
1)cabinet :2200mm*600mm*600mm.
2)Power module: AC/DC power supply to provide 24V and 32V DC power.
3)Main control module: core module to process the wind, rain and intrusion information.
4)Intrusion process module: accomplish the electric net signal sending , receiving, detection and relay drive collection.
5)Relay combination: detection of the intrusion and output control information to the train control system.
6)UPS: provide stable 220V power and ensure equipment continuous operation when power off.
7)Power distribution/Anti-lightning: include insulation transformer, anti-lightning, air circuit-breaker etc. to guarantee the power protection.

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