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FH-V088 Emergency Communication System

1. Introduction

1.1. Positioning
FH-V088 emergency communication system provides communication guarantee for emergency response in such industries as railway, petroleum and petrochemical, water resources and electric power, forest protection etc. Convenient portable or mobile carriers (including truck, train and ship etc) can be used to set up a fast broadband communication link between accident site and command center through wired communication, wireless communication and satellite communication modes, forming several types of communication connections between the two places, such as mutual voice, multi-media data, fax, high definition dynamic images etc, allowing the emergency command center to provide real-time command for the emergency site, thus, emergencies can be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

1.2. Values
Fully field information collection, high-efficiency decision-making
The emergency command center could obtain a wide range of information from the site, such as field image, etc, to improve decision-making.

Overcoming the restricts imposed by the distance and geographic conditions
Adaptable to adverse geographic environments such as mountain area, desert and gobi, etc.

Flexible expert command crew
The management and technical experts may work in different locations. However, they can get the information of the rescue site from any place, once they access the network, and communicate with relevant personnel. They can thus quickly participate in the emergency rescue process. In this manner, there is not much difference whether or not they are on the site.

Remote operation instruction
Mobile data communication, voice communication and video communication may be used to give remote operation instruction.

2. Architecture

FH-V088 Emergency communication system composes of center equipment, site equipment and transmission system.

Emergency communication system could adopt multiple transmission access means, including cabled access (telephone pole-based twisted pair, field fiber optic cable) and satellite access, etc., which are respectively used for different site conditions. According to the perspective of various applications, system equipment can generally be divided into rescue site equipment, relay equipment and emergency command center equipment. Different equipment is deployed for different service requirements and transmission conditions.

Emergency command center equipment mainly includes: center access switch, emergency command console, NMS client. The emergency command center equipment are connected with the site equipment via E1 or IP interface.

Center Access switch mainly includes: audio unit, video unit, data management unit and access unit.

Site equipment mainly includes: site access equipment, relay, wireless phone, field communication mobile unit, relay access switch.

Transmission network mainly includes: E1 or IP channel from center to each station.

The diagram is shown as below:

2.1. Center Access Switch
Center access switch is composed of video unit, audio unit, data management unit and communication access unit, which can be assembled in the 19 inch standard cabinet.

Each unit function is introduced as below:
Video Unit
Support site video access, storage, display, transfer, distribution
Support remote view and replay
Support remote management for the site equipment

Audio Unit
Support emergency audio basic service
Support emergency audio supplement service
Support SIP protocol, support complete service based on the soft switch

Data management Unit
Support management for each unit and terminal of the whole system, including user management, right management, equipment management; and configuration management, trouble management, performance management, security management for the overall system.

Communication access unit
Support outer communication interface connection (physical layer, link layer, network layer), including access port including site, E1 digital interface in the mainland emergency center, Ethernet and so on.

2.2. Emergency command terminal
Emergency command terminal is provided for the dispatching and command staff.

The design is based on the IP,the terminal can realize not only the basic dispatching terminal function, but also the site equipment automatic access, number intelligent match, address book, speed dial based on the call history record, video.

Emergency command terminal adopts touch screen design with good human-computer interface. The equipment can realize two channel audio dispatching function for the fulfillment of the basic and supplement service.

The emergency command terminal has video surveillance function, including video view, video parameter adjust, video upload control, local record snatch, video replay service.

2.3. Management terminal
It is the terminal for collective monitoring, control and management of the whole system, including user management, authority management, equipment management, A/V data management as well as the configuration, trouble, performance and safety management of the whole system.

The terminal is capable of video monitoring and control, including video display, video parameter adjustment, video image uploading control, local video snapshot and replay services as well as real-time overlapping of video time and location information.

2.4. Emergency site equipment

2.4.1. FH-V088FA
FH-V088FA site emergency access equipment supports 12 wired voice channel (extendable), 1 SHDSL interface, 2 10M/100M port, WLAN port conforming to the 802.11b/g, two types power supply for battery and DC. The equipment could realize receiving, transmitting for the voice, data, static video and motion video. In addition, FH-V088FA could connect with various types of transmission equipment conveniently.

FHV088FA provides integrated wireless telephone service. Under the coved area, even the rescue staff can move freely, the receive performance is good and the audio quality is excellent. The staff also can access to the relevant communication function and service, which provide powerful inner communication system.

Maximum 36 sets of wireless special mobile phone could be provided. The system is independent and the mobile phone can communicate freely. This function can guarantee the inner communication for the site rescue staff, which enhance the inner coordination and expedite the execution of the leader’s command, thus, the precious time is saved and the incidence loss is minimized to the low level.

1.Function characteristics
1)     Provide 4 wire telephone and 2 hotline telephone.
2)     Provide voice ,data and video service and transform the signal to IP package
3)     Provide motion video access. Accomplish the wireless signal transmitting with the site audio and video collection equipment. Without the restraint of the site geographical condition and cable.
4)     Embedded of LED display unit, receive and display the audio and video signal from the site.
5)     Support 2 Ethernet port which can guarantee the service and testing can be done simultaneously.
6)     SHDSL Unit supports 1 pair wired cable access to the 2M, adopts code of TC-PAM16. the transmission distance is more than 30% compared with the traditional DSL technology
7)     Easily channel diagnostic for the SHDSL Unit through different loop test function((LLB, DLB, RDLB, ALB, LATCH LPBK)
8)       Code/decode Unit adopts embedded operation design to guarantee reliability. Conform to the TCP/IP
9)       Video compress and code adopts MPEG-4, video format support CIF、QCIF、4CIF, video broadband support 64kbps~2Mbps, PAL 25 frame for CIF and QCIF, PAL 20 frame for 4CIF
CIF: 352×288
QCIF: 176×144
4CIF: 702×576
10)   Coding Unit audio frequency protocol: Conform to the ITU-T G.711/G.722 standard. Provide Echo Cancellation function
11)   diagnostic and upgrade function
local/remote diagnostic and test
upload software for upgrade by Ethernet
12)   Support two types user interface
PC control terminal, graphical interface, easy operation
serial port + super terminal for configuration
13)   Double battery for 3 hour work and alternative with portable electricity generator for the power supply
14)   compact and waterproof design

2.Subscriber interface:
Conform to the YD/T 1070 access network remote equipment Z interface technical specification

3.Network interface:
Conform to the 10/100M Ethernet relevant technical specification

FH-V088RAV back rack system adopts series of advance spread spectrum technology, modulation/demodulation technology, channel code/decode technology, error control technology. With the multi-media network transmission technology such as digital video compress technology, the equipment can fulfill the live transmission for video, audio and data.

FH-V088 RAV back rack equipment is a supplement for the vehicle carried mobile multi-media transmission system. Under the harsh geographical and danger condition, the place where the vehicle could not be arrived, the FH-V088RAV could be carried to the rescue site and the video could be transmitted back. The whole system is flexible and portable and could take on the task such as scout, investigation and fire- fighting.

1.Technical character:
Compact: 250mm×180mm×60mm light-weight: 3KG and portable.
  High diffraction ability: the equipment could be used in the non-visibility range and suitable for the complex emergency environment.
  Wide cover range: Under the normal condition, the cover range would up to 2KM
  High Anti-interference ability: Adopt COFDM modulation and have high spread spectrum gain. Adopt FEC(Forward error correction) technology and have higher gain. Even the carrier-to –noise ratio is below -10db, the equipment can work normally.
  High anti-fading ability: Adopt diversity receiving technology to ensure the system have high anti-fading performance
  High receiving sensibility: Error rate<10E-5 and error frame <1% even when income reception lever equal to -100dbm
  High speed transmission and the band is flexibly adjustable. Bandwidth is 8Mbps. Adopts ARQ error control mechanism and enhance the wireless channel transmission quality. Flexibly allocate the transmission data rate, the system could be worked in the full duplex and half duplex transmission mechanism to satisfy the different customer’s need
  High definition video. Adopts MPEG-2 to ensure the site video is high definition and smooth which could up the DVD effect.
  High confidentiality, stability and reliability. The product adopts wireless broadband spread spectrum encryption and scrambling technology and realizes the full digital signal process. The system has high integration density by using super high capacity design of FPGA. All the factors enhance the system’s confidentiality, stability and reliability.
  High temperature resistance, acid and alkaline resistance. The system can be used in various harsh environment and condition.
  Adopt Helmet-type camera and lighting power to ensure video collection under dim light.
  Battery removable and rechargeable. Continuous 3 hour work time.
  Easy operation and installation

2.System composition:
The composition of the FH-V088RAV back rack system is show as below. Please check the equipment and attachment is complete or not before installation.

 FH-V088RAV       transmitting part                           
FH-V088RAV       receiving part                                
 whip antenna/fiber glassy epoxy antenna          
 Back rack equipment antenna                   
l Video server and power                        
l AV220V/DC12V power supply                   
l Special video line                              

2.4.3.Relay Equipment
Fiber optical access switching equipment FH-V088FO and FH-V088SO
FO which putted in the site directly modulates the data signal from 10/100Base-T Ethernet onto multi-mode or single-mode field fiber optic cables for transmission. The data signal is then forwarded to the repeater via SO which putted in the relay site before being transmitted to the center.

Wireless access switching equipment FH-V088FR and FH-V088SR
FR which putted in the site modulates the data signal from 10/100Base-T Ethernet, and then transmits it to the relay-side SR wirelessly. Through the SR, the signal is forwarded to the repeater before transmitted to the center, therefore a 2M bandwidth wireless transmission is established between the repeater and FA, with a distance as long as 3km in the range of visibility.

3. Solution Proposal

FH-V088 emergency communication system adopts advanced technology such as VOIP, CTI, video process, computer network and so on, which can accomplish complete emergency service such as audio dispatching, video processing and data management, forming a network for the communication between the site and center. The function of video access, storage, transfer, distribution and display can be realized.

When incident happens, by FH-V088RAV, the staff could establish a communication of the 1KM diameter cover area with the FH-V088FA. Within the area, the rescue staff could take video freely and transmit the audio and video to FH-V088FA. According to the transmission environment, FH-V088 can provides various relay access solutions from FA to the nearby relay site: Optical fiber cable access, Wireless access, Broadband satellite, Narrow satellite and etc.

3.1. Optical fiber cable access
Realize the voice, video and data transmission between FA and the nearby relay site via optical fiber cable
The distance is not less 5km, usually provide 2km optical fiber cable

3.2. Wireless access
Realize the voice, video and data transmission between FA and the nearby relay site via Wireless access equipment
The distance is not less 3km in the range of visibility

3.3. Broadband satellite access
Broadband satellite access solution applies to the complex environment and time rescue, the emergency staff can set up the communication between accident site and emergency center immediately. For the accident site, we also can provide emergency communication vehicle, FA and satellite equipment are all installed in the interior of emergency communication vehicle.

3.4. Function Description
Addressing transmission access to the last kilometer
To provide a transmission channel as high as 2Mbps between the accident scene and the emergency command center by using xDSL technology, digital wireless communication technology and broadband satellite communication technology.

Field wired/wireless internal communication function
The system allows at least 4 special fixed phones and 99 wireless cellular phones to communicate with each other at the accident site without any other equipment, which is independent from the channel between the site and the emergency center; it also allows for the access to PSTN.

Field dynamic image upload function
Dynamic image of the accident scene can be uploaded to the emergency command center with clear pictures, enabling the leaders to accurately and quickly gather the first-hand information about the accident scene; leaders of the various levels can send commands to staffs to take pictures by telephone, enabling them to become well informed of the accident.

Field multiplex voice communication function
To provide a least 16-plex voice channels between the accident scene and the emergency command center, allowing leaders of the various departments at the emergency center to send commands the accident site.

Field wireless camera function
Staffs can send videos to receiver by wireless channel so that it can be conveniently used by the cameraman without restraint from trailing cable, giving them more freedom and more range to move around.

Field static image upload function
Being compatible with the existing static image system, it can upload the static images from the field to the static image server.

Remote data communication function
Via the data interfaces provided by the emergency equipment, data communication is possible between the field and the emergency command center, allowing for easy communication between the emergency command center and the accident scene.

Recording and replay of video stream
The streaming media server of FH-V088 system can be used to record the field dynamic images as well as video stream of the emergency rescue conference in real time, for allowing easy checking and analyzing what caused the accidents in the future.

3.4.1.Center equipment system functions
Emergency center communication system is furnished with advanced and proven computer technologies, soft switch communication technologies and video processing technologies and therefore can establish the video, audio and data communications among multiple accident sites, various levels of emergency command centers and relevant information systems. It can connect and forward the video images of the accident site to various levels of command centers on a real-time basis and provide various types of services like real-time browsing, forwarding, distribution, storage, replay, filing and remote management. It can also provide various types of emergency data, audio dispatching and command services and other basic and supplementary services for the sake of emergency rescue. As a result, it provides real-time and visual information to the leadership for their decision-making and constitutes a convenient, efficient and reliable platform for emergency command.

3.4.2.Site rescue equipment function
Site rescue Equipment includes
FH-V088FA   Site Emergency Access Equipment
FH-V088RAV Radio Audio&Video Collection Equipment
FH-V088PWR   Site Power Equipment

Site rescue Equipment adopts portable, weather proof, debris proof design with power supply by battery. When something urgent happens, It is very convenient to take the equipment to the rescue site and easy to operate, transferring audio, motion picture collecting from the site to Emergency Center.

FH-V088FA Site Emergency Access Equipment provides service platform for site picture, telephone, wireless mobile phone and data and so on.

FH-V088RAV Radio Audio&Video Collection Equipment is the field communication mobile unit for real time recording and transferring the video via wireless technology.

FH-V088PWR Site Power Equipment is portable electricity generator for the supplement of the battery. Moreover, it not only can be the power supply but also can charge for the battery.

4. Performance Description

4.1. Environment, Power Supply and Grounding
1. Working voltage
1) Power supply: AC 220V(-20%~+20%)
2) Grounding resistance ≤4Ω

2. Power consumption
Center access switch≤2.1KW
NMS terminal≤350W
Command console≤350W

3. Environmental requirements
1) Working temperature: 0℃ ~ +45 ℃, storage temperature: -40℃~70℃
2) Humidity: not over 95% (30℃)
3) Atmospheric pressure: 53kPa~106 kPa
4) Electromagnetic interferences: electric field intensity of 140dBuV/M is received within 0.01MHz~110000 MHz, trouble and decreasing performance are not expected.
5) grounding: Ground Resistance: working ground (power ground) ≤4 W
Protective earth (chassis ground): ≤4 W

4.2. Life Expectancy

Emergency center equipment:21 years.
Site emergency equipment:21 years.
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