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IMS5100 Tunnel Electrical and Lighting Monitoring System


1. System Introduction

Jiaxun Feihong IMS5100 tunnel electrical and lighting monitoring system is mainly to complete the centralized monitoring, fault alarm and dispatching management of tunnel disaster prevention, ventilation equipment, operation lighting, emergency lighting, evacuation, fire pump and power remote. While the fire or other emergency incidents occur in the tunnel, the system can control the tunnel disaster prevention and rescue equipments according to the pre-generated disaster prevention and rescue plans, to achieve the purpose of disaster prevention and mitigation.

IMS5100 system is strictly in accordance with the “Railway Tunnel Disaster Prevention and Rescue Evacuation Engineering Design Code”(TB10020-2012) and the requirements of railway tunnel development, in line with the specifications of the various requirements.


2. System Scheme

IMS5100 tunnel electrical and lighting monitoring system is mainly composed of disaster prevention and rescue monitoring master station, tunnel field monitoring subsystem and communication network. The tunnel field monitoring subsystem includes the tunnel field main controller iBAS-MCU, remote control unit iBAS-RTU, centralized monitoring disk iBAS-IBP and the tunnel network.


3. System Function

1)  Data Acquisition

Collection type: switching value, analog quantity, pulse quantity, SOE

Monitoring range: the parameters and status of operation and fault of various electrical and mechanical equipment in the tunnel

2)  Remote Control

Control content: fan, air valve, lighting, emergency lighting, evacuation instruction, fire pump and power system telecontrol etc.

Control mode: direct control, remote control, programmable logic control

Mode control: normal operation and emergency situations push one button implement appropriate control more respectively

Intelligent control: when monitoring the train fault, the system can turn the tunnel lighting on/off automatically

3)  Other software functions: parameter setting, alarm management, equipment inspection and management, automatic clock synchronization, electronic attendance, safety management, remote diagnosis and maintenance, report printing and linkage with other automatic control system



4. System Performance

1)    Main technical indicators

•  Thy system availability is more than 99.99%

•  Remote measurement: composition error<1.5%; qualified rate>99%

•  Switching value: telecommand accuracy 99.99%; remote control accuracy 99.99%

•  The telesignalisation displacement time to master station≤0.5 sec

•  Telemetering full system scan time 3~5 sec

•  The remote control command response time≤0.5 sec

•  The picture invoking response time≤0.5 sec

2)     Environmental parameters

•  Working temperature -40~75℃, humidity 95%

•  IP65 protection grade

•  With the electromagnetic interference resistance, dustproof, shockproof, moistureproof and anticorrosive ability, can adapt to the working environment of railway tunnel


5. System Feature

•  Provide local, remote, manual intelligent and all kinds of monitoring means for the tunnel disaster prevention, effectively improve the reliability and efficiency of rescue equipment, reduce the maintenance workload and costs

•  The monitoring master station and main controller software using standardized, modular, componentization design ideas; support the mainstream OS, flexible expansion and transplantation; convenient cross-platform interconnection and secondary development

•  The monitoring interface using graphical form, intuitive and simple which makes the equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance becomes simple and clear

•  The system built a variety of emergency response plan, in case of danger, the various control modes triggered at any moment

•  The field monitoring equipments of the tunnel adopt self-healing redundant optical fiber ring network structure, which greatly improves the stability of the system


6. Typical Cases

•  Lanzhou-Chongqing railway tunnel disaster prevention monitoring system.

•  Baoji-Lanzhou passenger dedicated line tunnel disaster prevention monitoring system.

The Baoji-Lanzhou passenger dedicated line is a high speed line designed speed of 250km/h. The tunnel disaster prevention monitoring system is composed of the Lanzhou monitoring center, station work area monitoring workstation, tunnel main controller iBAS-MCU, tunnel remote control unit iBAS-RTU and tunnel network. The tunnel field equipments, station monitoring workstation and disaster monitoring center communicate through SDH/MSTP railway private network.

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