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MDS3400 Dispatch Commanding System

1 General

MDS3400 is a new generation unified dispatch commanding and communication system platform from Jiaxun Company, it integrates both the voice and data application services, its open design concept and special workmanship can meet with the requirements of commanding dispatch for various industrial enterprises. This system has the powerful dispatching and commanding functions, it can be connected with various intelligent dispatching consoles, and commanding consoles with 2B+D connection, support all functions for dispatching and commanding purposes, such as dispatching functions of selective call, group call, collective broadcast, break-in/out, force, and grouping etc, support the multi-subscriber and multi-level configuration; supports IP distribution network arrangement, its open, compatible and high reliable design can meet with the networking requirements for different industries, its flexible integrated access ability, individualized customization of services, and advanced maintenance means can provide a new source of profit and new competitive advantage. At present, this system has been successfully applied on petroleum, petrochemical, iron & steel, coal, army, and public security, railway, subway etc and Ministry of Public Security ”National Counterterrorism Center”.

2 Advantages of MDS3400 system

l TDM/IP dual-network architecture:supports the circuit /IP dual network framework, this system may provide the evolution from the single tone service to multimedia command dispatching communication, and the safety standby mechanism under different network conditions.

Platform type design: the core control system adopts the platform design concept, more flexible for system upgrading and service expansion; the platform meets with the multi-service requirements to realize the access of voice, data information. With the continuous upgrading of platform, comply with the demands of future combination for subscriber voice dispatching network, industrial monitoring network, and video conference network.

High reliability:this system controls the dual standby mechanism; supports the dual supply input; all modules support the hot standby and hot plugging.

Maintainability: embedded system core software, the program running and data storage adopt the separation design, convenient and reliable upgrading of services, backup storage for the core programs and data to ensure the long-term safety of data.

Safety protection design: class III lightning protection to ensure the safety running of equipment in the thundering and raining area. Both the rack and cabinet manufacturing process and wiring of circuit board etc adopt the protective design to ensure the system with high resistance to electromagnetic interference, meanwhile, greatly reduce the electromagnetic radiation of this system.

High quality design: EMC/EMI, heat dissipation, dustproof design, and components up to the standards of green environmental protection, including European standards of EN 300386, EN 550022, and EN 550024, it must be suitable for the severe service conditions such as high temperature, dust and electronic interference etc, MTBF>=37 years.

High capacity, high performance: BHCA value >680000 times, call loss <1/100000.

l Terminal diversification: supports a series of dispatching terminals such as key control type, touch screen type, and integral type. The IP side single system may support 4000 users for registering.

3 MDS3400 system functions

MDS system has the powerful functions, it can be suitable for various dispatching services of normal digital dispatching and communication system.

3.1 Single call
The subscriber key number on the dispatching console can be set through the terminal, when the dispatching console wants to call out, it can be realized by only pressing the subscriber key.

The dispatching console can call out through the dial pad.

3.2  Group call
The dispatching console can be preset in groups, and directly press the corresponding keys during using, and directly call the members in the group, after answered, the member can be joined into the group, and the talk among members can be realized. The dispatcher can control the talk mode of subscribers.

3.3 Break-in/out
The break-in and break-out functions are realized according to the level of subscriber terminals, the higher level subscriber can break-in/out the lower level subscriber. Usually the level of dispatching console is higher than that of normal subscriber terminals.

Break-in: the dispatching console calls the talking subscriber, the result is that the dispatching console and the former talked both parties form a three-party talk, it is warned that there is an important call coming, the former talked both parties must end their talk. Sometimes it can be also realized by automatic break-in, the dispatching console calls the talking subscriber, the other party talking with this subscriber may keep in music status, the dispatching console can talk with this subscriber; if the dispatcher initiatively disconnect the telephone, then both subscribers may recover their talk.

Break-out: the dispatching console calls the talking subscriber, the other party talking with this subscriber is broken out and kept in busy tone, the dispatching console can talk with this subscriber.

3.4 Force and mute (mask and separation)
Press the force (mask) key during talking, then the other talking party may listen the talk of the dispatching console and unable to talk with the dispatching console, that is, the dispatching console can make the one-way downward talk, but the subscriber is unable to talk upward.

Press the mute (separation) key during talking, then the dispatching console can listen the talk of both parties, but the other parties are unable to listen the talk of dispatching console.

3.5 Grouping
Multiple subscribers, including the dispatching console terminals and subscriber terminals can be divided into one group, when there is a subscriber calls any one subscriber in this group, all subscribers in this group shall ringdown, after any one subscriber off-hook and make answer, the other subscribers in this group shall stop ringing. The group setting shall be performed on the system maintenance terminal.

3.6 Conference functions
The dispatching console may hold multiple-party telephone conference. The conference modes include the broadcast conference, collective broadcast conference, scheduled conference and temporary conference.

Scheduled conference:
Full duplex conference, and it can be joined by external subscribers, the conference telephone data can be set on the maintenance terminal, the dispatching console can make the setting of mute, speak and disconnecting operations for the participants. The participants can exit the conference in advance, this system has the overflown call function. The dispatching console can transfer the new coming call into the conference mode.

Temporary conference:
It is also a full duplex conference, and the external subscribers can also join the conference, the participants of temporary conference can be specified freely by the dispatcher during holding the conference. When holding the temporary conference, the dispatching console can add the participants by pressing the subscriber keys or number dialing. All dispatching consoles can simultaneously hold the temporary conference.

MDS3400 system has been arranged with abundant multi-party conference circuit (at most 1920 parties) for the dispatcher, and duty staff to organize the multi-party conference.

Collective broadcast:
The collective broadcast is a special conference, the collective broadcast is initiated by dispatching console, with the Smart key operating mode, only one collective broadcast key pressed by the dispatcher, all subscribers predefined in the subscriber group can be simultaneously called-out, after the subscriber off-hook, the dispatching console and all subscribers are in the same one collective broadcast conference, that is, a bi-directional talk chain is formed between the dispatching console and subscriber, and no talk chain among the lower level of subscribers.

Broadcast is a special conference, which is initiated by the dispatching console, with the Smart key mode, only one broadcast key pressed by the dispatcher, all subscribers predefined in the subscriber group can be called-out simultaneously, after the subscriber off-hook, the dispatching console and all subscribers shall be in the same one broadcast conference, that is, all subscribers can only listen the tone of dispatching console, however, the dispatching console can’t listen the tone of subscriber, and the tone among all subscribers shall be also muted.

3.7 Normal call
The call normally initiated by the subscriber terminal is the normal call, the subscriber terminal can call the relevant dispatching console or subscriber terminal through hot-line mode, delayed hot-line mode, abbreviated dialing mode, and dialing mode.

3.8 Emergency call
When the dispatcher console (station watch desk) initiates an emergency call, the dispatcher may firstly press the emergency call key, then press the relevant key to improve the call level of this time. Just then, those lower level calls may be broken in/out.

A normal subscriber terminal may also initiate an emergency call, before dialing, firstly dial the number “# #”, then dial the number of dispatching console to initiate an emergency call, the dispatching console may give different tones and colors to warn that it is an emergency call.

3.9 Emergency telephone
When a telephone is setup as emergency telephone(subscriber in priority)to call the dispatching console or station watch desk,the dispatching console and station watch desk may give no answer, the telephone channel is switched on, the emergency telephone may directly talk with dispatching console or station watch desk, the emergency telephone may set with call time limit,when the time limit is beyond, the talk shall be automatically cut off.

3.10 Call hold, call back
When the dispatching console is talking with the subscriber 1, if the subscriber 2 call-in, the dispatching console can hold the subscriber 1, only click “HOLD” key, then click the relevant key of subscriber 1, just then the dispatching console can talk with subscriber 2, the subscriber 1 is kept at music mode; after the talk between dispatching console and subscriber 2 ended, the talk between the subscriber 1 and dispatching console can be automatically recovered.

3.11 Call extension
The dispatcher is talking with the subscriber 1, press the key corresponding to subscriber 2 to connect with this subscriber, the dispatcher is on-hook, then the talk between the subscriber 1 and subscriber 2 can be realized, and complete the call extension function.

3.12 Call transfer
All telephones calling this subscriber can be automatically transferred to the temporarily specified subscriber; the transfer mode includes the unconditional transfer and no answer transfer.

3.13 Audio recording functions
MDS3400 system provides the audio recording interface for connecting with multi-channel digital audio recorder (up to 64 channels) which independently developed by Jiaxun, this digital audio recorder adopts the HD for storage (40G HD for storing the voice data for more than 3700h), acoustic control starting mode, moreover, the multi-channel digital audio recorder supports both the local playback and remote playback modes, the user may enter into the audio recording system according to the user password, and perform the operations such as play, search and transfer the voice data etc according to the user authorization. A single audio recorder has the maximum 64-channel recording function, supports the voice control, voltage control, network control, signal control, key control recording functions, supports several audio formats, including A-LAW and IMA-ADPCM etc, supports the local monitoring, telephone remote monitoring, realize the management through network administration, and synchronize with the time of exchanger.

3.14 Monitoring
The dispatching console can enter a conference in monitoring and listening mode to listen the speak of any members.

3.15 Subscriber status display
The dispatching console can display the subscriber status of dispatching system such as busy and idle, and display the talking subscriber.

3.16 Incoming call display
When the subscriber call the dispatching console, the dispatching console may give the call queue display, the call queue may display the subscriber name and number, the dispatching console can select any one call in the call queue to answer, if no selection, the system default is the first call in the call queue. The dispatching console has several answering modes: automatic answer (no any operations, the dispatching console can automatically answer the first call in the call queue), off-hook answer (directly hook-off the operating set to answer the first call in the call queue; if any call in the call queue selected, then off-hook the operating set, the selected call can be answered), press the key to answer (directly click “answer” key to answer the first call in the call queue; if any call in the call queue selected, then click the “answer” key, the selected call can be answered).

3.17 Dual channel talk
The dispatching console has two or one operating set, one microphone, two channels can simultaneously talk with two subscribers, no mutual interference.

3.18 Subscriber authorization management
The authorization of subscriber can be divided into 16 levels, the higher level subscriber can realize the break-in/out of lower level subscribers.

3.19 Interactive communication with the existing dispatching systems
Simultaneously supports the NO.1\NO7\DSS1\loop signaling, and realizes the interactive communication with the equipment supporting the standard signaling.

3.20 Hot-standby function
The key interface components for MDS3400 E system such as main processor unit, exchange network, conference resource, audio source, expansion, and drive etc have the 1+1 hot-standby functions, the digital card and other subscriber cards may have the optional 1+1 digital card and other subscriber cards for hot-standby purpose, certainly, it may be also not configured in 1+1 hot-standby mode.

MDS3400 foreground has the interface hot standby function, dual 2B+D U interface/dual E1 interface/single E1 interface+single LAN interface/single U interface+single LAN interface can be combined freely, from different routes to the system background, any one interface or route failed may ensure the minimum ability of dispatching communication.

3.21 Echo suppression and automatic gain control
MDS3400 E system adopts the advanced DSP (digital signal processing) technology, effectively solves the echo generated during 2/4-wire transfer and the echo of loudspeaker in hand-free talk to the microphone, thus realize the full-duplex communication of dispatch telephone, and professional telephone.

Moreover, it may also improve the adaptive ability of this system to various circuits, MDS3400 E system still utilizes DSP technology and realizes the automatic gain control (AGC) to the voice, avoid the unbalancing of voice caused by the line problems.

3.22 Multiple protection functions
All interfaces of MDS3400 system have three-stage lightning-proof and anti-surge protection to further meet with the safety and operation requirements of equipment in the thunderstorm area and railway electrified section. All the rack workmanships, and wiring of circuit board etc have been carefully designed, ensure that the system has high resistance to electromagnetic interference, moreover, greatly reduces the electromagnetic radiation of system to outside.

3.23 IP voice and FAX
IP voice supports the voice coding mode such as G.711A,G.729a and G.723.1 etc, the voice packing time and ditter buffer time may be setup.

Supports T38 FAX, with UDPTL protocol, the parametes may be set. Under the prerequisite of ensuring the quality of fax, continuously send 20 pases of standard sample sheets, the fax call established time shall be less than 20s (duration from dialed the last number to the starting of sending the fax).

3.24 Power supply management
MDS3400 master system has 48V power supply, and subsystem with 220V power supply, 1+1 hot standby. The power supply may be managed through network administration, the faults of voltage and current etc for power supply may be submitted to the system network administrator.

3.25 Network administration function
MDS3400 shall be maintained with the anyManager network administrator system, including the modules such as data and configuration management, alarm and test management, call traffic statistics and analysis, call charge, built-in signaling analysis etc, all modules may be individually uploaded, arranged on the same one computer, and also respectively arranged on the different computers.
Industry application
Typical Cases

Cuba Havana-Santiago Railway Dispatch Project

Havana-Santiago Railway plays important role in the Cuba railway network. The length of the line is 830km. In 2003 the railway is renovated, the speed increase from 100km/h to 130 km/h. With the economic development, Cuba government invest more to this line, the advanced technology such as dispatch communication and GSM-R are deployed in the Havana-Santiago Railway.

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