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IMS8000 integrated

The system is composed of server component and client component, the function is described as below
Server Component
1、Management Server
Integral management for all the equipment, user, authority and strategy and so on; Arbitration for the video , PTZ resources and so on; Online data update; Transfer the order stream, alarm stream, information stream;
2、Distribution Server
Transfer the video stream; Dynamic adaption for the network; intelligent reduction of frame;
3、Network Management Server
Online IP equipment state detection, Online trouble alarm; State information collection, storage and transfer;
4、Interface Server
The standard interface for the input and output of the video stream, order stream and alarm stream.
5、Concentrated Storage Server
Key video concentrated storage and transfer; Strategy for the storage and transfer; queue for the storage and transfer; Guarantee the security of storage and transfer to decrease the network pressure.
6、Storage Server
Storage for the local video; Deployment according to the storage strategy; Multi storage strategy such as plan, alarm trigger and so on; Quick retrieve and replay for the storage information.
7、 Storage and transfer server
Storage and transfer for the access video


Client Component
1、management terminal
Configuration for the equipment, user, authority and strategy; Configuration for the system parameters;
2、Video monitor terminal
Online video monitor, PTZ control, online alarm process; Video search and replay;
3、Video network management terminal
Online equipment detection, trouble alarm and running state collection; support history search and statistics analysis report;
4、Component Deployment
System Function
Service Function
Video service function: online video surveillance, PTZ control, storage and replay, online alarm and other function.
Management Function
System management configuration: User management, authority management, equipment management, strategy management and system management.
NMS function
Online equipment detection: network cell configuration, online alarm, equipment state display, query and statistics report.
System Characteristics
1、Integral video surveillance platform comply with the norm regulated by the Ministry of Railway;
2、Server based on the Linux, high security , high reliability
3、Flexible multiple storage method
4、Block storage and multi grade index technology, which support mass storage and quick replay;
5、Intelligent multi grade transfer technology satisfied complicated network environment;
6、Comprehensive NMS function cater for the requirement for maintenance ;
7、Low light technology guarantee the 24 hour monitor for the key location.
Industry application
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