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One Metro by Jianxun Feihong, Two NO.1 for Nigeria


On July 12th 2018, Abuja Urban Rail opened to use, attracting high attention from Nigeria and even the West Africa. It is the first urban rail since the founding of Nigeria and also the first urban rail in West Africa. The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari attended the opening ceremony and spotlighted the role of this urban rail in promoting the modernization of Nigeria and even the whole West Africa. Jiaxun Feihong Electrical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Jiaxun Feihong", stock code: 300213), the general contractor for the communication system integration, has provided communication solutions for its eight major subsystems, contributing to safe, stable and efficient running of Abuja Urban Rail.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari address on the opening ceremonypicture from internet




Abuja Metro station is initial station



To maximize the positive radiation effect of Abuja Urban Rail, Jiaxun Feihong has applied the mature and standard Chinese technologies according to the local features; thus, the communication channel with a high-broadband transmission system, the real-time call service with a wired & wireless dual dispatching system, and the high-definition video surveillance for train running state can stand against the unstable field voltage due to the high-temperature or thunderstorm climate in Nigeria and even frequent power loss.

 In addition, for the long-term safe and stabile operation of Abuja Urban Rail, Jiaxun Feihong has actively provided trainings to local employees in the principle, installation, use and maintenance of the communication system equipment; by doing so, the Nigerian operators become familiar with the use and maintenance of the related communication systems. Furthermore, Jiaxun Feihong also provides perfect aftersales services, tracking the operation states of the equipment at any time, and actively responding to customer’s demands. Jiaxun Feihong has made every effort to ensure the long-term safe operation of the rail and the stable rapid growth of the local economy, one of the subjects of China's “The Belt and Road Initiative” under the great context of globalization.

Jiaxun Feihong technician is training local employees

 Jiaxun Feihong's global strategy follows the guide of “The Belt and Road Initiative”. In a short term, it aims to establish a domestic rail communication industry value chain system; with the improving technology and brand, Jiaxun Feihong will become a player in the global value chain dominated by communication integration service providers and finally build a global value chain system. In this important front Africa, relying on its maturing “Intelligent commanding and dispatching industry chain” and the business expansion in multiple countries and regions, Jiaxun Feihong has paced up to build itself into a general planning-integration-implementation provider from an integration service provider in communication system. Jianxun Feihong will be more and more mature as such general provider, not only in Africa but also in other countries and regions. With the widening application of the “Intelligent commanding and dispatching industry chain”, Jiaxun Feihong may become a world-known brand, thus boosting the value of Chinese brands on the international market.

China and Nigeria staff taking group photo in front of Jiaxun Feihong equipment


Abuja Urban Rail is also the first urban rail in West Africa. Being fully adopt Chinese standards and Chinese equipment, it represents the recognition of Chinese rail transit standards in Africa, a great push for the urban rail modernization throughout Africa. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said that, the landing of China’s “The Belt and Road Initiative” couldn’t be realized without the contribution by outstanding Chinese enterprises; Abuja Urban Rail is a success from the cooperation between the governments and enterprises of the two countries.

Abuja urban rail staff using dispatcher made by Jiaxun Feihong to command and dispatch



This first urban rail in Nigeria realizes the interconnection among Abuja International Airport, the northwestern satellite city Kuwuba and the downtown area. Jiaxun Feihong provided solutions in the transmission, telephone, wireless communication, video surveillance, broadcasting, clock, power supply and communication line for the rail; therewith, Abuja Urban Rail Lot1A and Lot3 can achieve safe traffic in terms of perception, transmission, analysis, and decision-making through the closed-loop system of “Intelligent commanding and dispatching industry chain”.
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