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Jiaxun Feihong Signed Contract of Nigeria Abuja Mass Transit Communication System


Jiaxun Feihong (stock code 300213) successfully signed the contract of Nigeria Abuja mass transit communication system, which is one more encouraging event followed the bidding we won in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Iran, and Turkmenistan in June. Persistently investing in overseas market, and sustainably exploiting international projects, Jiaxun achieves milestone and makes substantial breakthroughs in realizing globalization strategy one after another.
Jiaxun Feihong entered the overseas market in 2007, and our products and solutions are successfully deployed in Middle and Southeast Asia, Africa, and America etc. In addition, Jiaxun Feihong established excellent cooperation relationship with overseas clients in Uzbekistan, Angola, Vietnam, and so on.
In 2014, Jiaxun provided communication system in Nigeria Abuja- Kaduna railway project, and gained their acknowledgment. Therefrom, we eatablished realiable cooperation relationships. Abuja mass transit communication project comprises of Abuja urban rail transit Lot 1A, Lot 1B and Lot 3, and Jiaxun Feihong provides an integrated solution consisted of subsystems of transmission, telecom, wireless communication, CCTV, public address, clock, and power etc. Abuja rail transit is pivot of the Nigeria capital transportation, which can improve traffic conditions, ease traffic pressure and bring convenience to the residents.
African countries and areas are strategic international markets of Jiaxun. Over the years, Jiaxun contributes to promote the rail transit digitalization of Africa, and boost their infrastructure construction by leading innovation and advanced technologies.
Winning this project manifests Jiaxun’s international competitive power, and encouraged us to go further. We expect to establish closed cooperation relationships with more overseas countries and areas in the future. What is more, Jiaxun Feihong will continue to provide reliable intelligent dispatching & control services to assist our clients to optimize their operation system. In this way, Jiaxun Feihong progress together with our clients to embrace a better future.




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