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Interval broadband communication system

Currently, the inter-station communication is based on the copper media. Because of many years application, the electrification interference and EMI is serious. The voice is not good especially in the bad weather. In addition, this method could not satisfy the communication for the long distance ( above 30km). the broadband could not be provided for the emergency rescue. Recently, for the new railway project, fiber optic and digital communication is adopted and the traditional copper media would not be used.

Based on the above background, Jiauxun Feihong put forward the newly inter-station broadband communication solution and researched the FH1000 equipment independently. Adopting the fiber optical transmission platform and IP exchange technology, the inter-station telephone service could be realized, besides, the equipment could be as the access point for the emergency to provide the broadband for the video surveillance and data transmission. The service is broadband, digital and informational. The uniform platform enhances the efficiency and management ability, the system reliability, extendibility and maintenance are also increased.
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