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Cuba Havana-Santiago Railway Dispatch Project

About Cuba railway
Havana-Santiago Railway plays important role in the Cuba railway network. The length of the line is 830km. In 2003 the railway is renovated, the speed increase from 100km/h to 130 km/h. With the economic development, Cuba government invest more to this line, the advanced technology such as dispatch communication and GSM-R are deployed in the Havana-Santiago Railway.

Project Description
Jiaxun Feihong adopts MDS3400 dispatch system to build the fixed communication among the four big cities railway station: Estacion Central, Santa Clara, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba. In addition, the MDS3400 seamless connects the GSM-R wireless users via MSC. The whole system realize not only the dispatch function for the railway line but also interconnection with the wireless subscribers.
In order to satisfy the customer’s requirement, Jiaxun Feihong specialist discussed with the Cuba railway technician to optimize the system configuration. With the customized function such as voice monitoring and short message, the MDS3400 make the dispatch system more efficient and effective.
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